Song Rescue was started by Toby Morrell and Devin Shelton of the band Emery. Since 2001, Toby and Devin have built a life on crafting good music.

From the moment an idea is conceived, there are infinite directions it can go. That can be both a blessing and a curse. Many times it’s hard to finish a song because it’s so hard to narrow down your options. But with the right guidance, you can learn to choose quickly and efficiently to allow the song to become the best it can be. This is exactly how we can help.

We have been writing music for over 15 years. We even made a career of it, which isn’t easy. So I guess you could say we have a little a bit of wisdom and experience in this area. If you are a songwriter, or aim to be a songwriter, we can help. Send us your music and/or lyrics, and allow us to constructively critique your music. We may even make a joke or two about it. We’ve learned that if you take yourself too seriously, then you are in danger of failure. Learn to laugh at your mistakes. And don’t worry, we definitely will.